RS ID enables companies, banks and public institutions in Serbia to use “Blinking” platform - multifactor system for managing digital identity.

Your electronic identification

RS ID provides services of creating and processing of digital ID in accordance with the GDPR regulation of EU.

RS ID was founded according to the legislation of Republic of Serbia and European Union demands. We intend to provide users with easy access to services, from the financial sector or others, while enabling the service providers regulatory compliance and safer and more secure way to conduct business.

Establishing digital identity is the basis of successful digitization, to which the country has obliged.

RS ID connects banks and other financial institutions, companies, commerce businesses and public institutions in a single digital ecosystem for data and document exchange.

We are the official licensed Blinking provider.

Blinking is a digital identity management platform which gives users, i.e. citizens full control over their personal and private data.

Blinking ID is a digital ID which enables easier and simpler usage of internet services, as well as identity authentication without physical documents.

Blinking ID is used only for services which integrated Blinking platform within their system or business.

Blinking is the safest way of managing your digital identity, online and offline.
The system is built and designed with end-users - citizens in mind.

Safe. Secure. Simple.